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Questions about Indiana University’s online RN to BSN program? There are two ways you can reach us.

  • You can contact us directly at 844-445-0117.
  • If you have been admitted to the program and have chosen or been assigned to a campus, you can contact an RN to BSN academic advisor at your designated campus.

RN to BSN academic advisors by campus

Ashley Burelison, or 812-855-2592

  • Tiffany Holmes, or 317-274-0005
  • Joshua Peaslee, or 317-274-2806
  • Laura Walter, or 317-274-2806

  • Melissa Wilson, or 812-348-7272

Carla Ballenger, or 765-973-8336

Catrina Beeny, or 260-257-6789

Sidney Elder, or 260-257-6788

  • Kim Evans, or 765-455-9384
  • Eella Kemper, or 765-455-9384
  • Becky Lefler, or 765-455-9384

Anne Mitchell, or 219-980-6611

  • Lori White, or 574-520-4373 
  • Danny Wayson, or 574-520-4574

Shelby Landis, or 812-941-2560

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